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We build with more than just concrete and steel; we build long-standing relationships. DIPL commits to a partnership approach for all projects that it manages. Centered around the idea of bettering our community, DIPL assists its clients with their projects from concept to completion and proudly offers tailored construction-based solutions.

Operation & Maintenance

DIPL can provide required number of skilled, experienced on-site site employees to operate and maintain your utility systems and assets depending upon the size of the project. Our team of operators and technicians are well equipped and skilled in multiple sectors.


DIPL delivers a full suite of pipeline services including procurement, lowering, and laying expert team for pipeline work. In essence, this pipeline is a potable water pipeline that distributes water from a source to the end user. Sometimes it connects one place to another for the transportation of water. For instance, it connects one village to another, or it can even connect a large water body to another water body for e.g., a canal, dam, river etc. Our pipeline specialists help operators efficiently initiate, sustain, and increase production through a single, cross-trained team.

Unique Solutions for Specialized Needs

DIPL provides services that are the best of both worlds: a local contractor’s devotion, responsiveness, and quality, allied with a major contracting organization’s ability, knowledge, and safety culture. The division routinely delivers exceptional results for new and repeat clients around the country by taking a hands-on, tailored approach to challenging projects.

As engineers, we were going to be in a position to change the world – not just study it.

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